I’m looking for someone to create social media and blog post images for me using Canva

I want to be the best client for a NEW seller who can create awesome Canva covers.

I sell goal-setting resources. I have a weekly series of posts using one of my Goal Setting products in real-world contexts.

Based on advertising research, my target audience tends to be:

  • women
  • employed as teachers
  • ages 35-55
  • in the United States, Canada, and Australia

I am willing to pay $5 per article blog post cover for this starter gig.

As we build our working relationship, I have other Canva jobs that pay more, depending on your skill and understanding of my market and general design principles.

(Just because you have a Canva account doesn’t mean you’re good at creating Canva images. Canva has a great post about design elements.)

If you think you can help me out, please audition by sending a Facebook Post (1200×630) jpeg for this content.

Feel free to add a watermark to your image so I can’t use it until I purchase it from you.

Please note that if we work together, the final deliverables for this gig need to include an editable Canva file as well as the source of the stock image used.

Thanks in advance, Mike

Are you a new seller trying to sell Canva gigs on Fiverr?

There’s more to Canva than just replacing text, changing colours, swapping images and charging $5 for the image.

Nick Newsome talks about how to make money online doing Canva on Fiverr in this video. The strategy is doing a Fiverr-Etsy arbitrage.

  • Basically, as a new seller, you offer a $10 Fiverr gig.
  • When someone buys your gig, you go and buy a $3 Canva template pack on Etsy.
  • Customize the image, the text, and the colours for your client, and boom, you’re done!

By doing this, someone else is essentially paying you to learn how to use Canva.

As you do more Fiverr gigs, you’ll get better at Canva and design. Eventually, you’ll level up your game and be able to do your own designs. (But really, Canva has a lot of good templates so just tweak those.)

If this is your Canva strategy on Fiverr, we’re probably not a good fit.

Here’s how my process as a buyer screens out that level of graphic designer.

Buying Canva Gigs on Fiverr

One of the first things I do in my vetting process is I ask the Fiverr seller to create a sample design for one of my articles.

  • I ask the seller to put a watermark on the image so they know I won’t be using it.
  • I get a chance to see how well a seller understands the article and the target audience.
  • This is a design audition. I use the same article link with multiple designers so I can find a designer with a good eye.

In this instance, I don’t look at the country of origin of the seller, their seller level, the number of ratings, or anything. I just chat with the person, ask to see their design samples of my post, and then when I see someone with potential, I chat with them further.

Everyone on Fiverr is an “expert” with Canva.

Your “samples” can be nice, but there’s no way for me to know if you made that, or you just found something.

By getting you to make a sample design for a specific article, I can see what you can do and how well you understand basic design principles.

You don’t have to design everything from scratch. In fact, I expect you to use Canva templates for my work. Canva has some great templates.

But, I don’t have time to coach you on how to improve the image.

There are a lot of sellers who believe in “client satisfaction” – if I have to tell you every little detail to tweak and revise, I might as well do it myself.

The problem that you’re helping me to solve isn’t that I don’t know how to use Canva. The problem is I don’t have time to use Canva.

I’m looking for win:win:win:win outcomes:

  • You win because I work hard to be a fantastic client as you grow your Fiverr profile.
  • I win because I get quality work that requires minimal coaching.
  • The teachers win because the images catch their eye so they pause and see how these resources can help them.
  • The students win because they get to work on 21st-century learning skills.

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