SEOT Mindset 1×5 Challenge

Hey, it’s Mike from SEOT Mindset.

I create content to help people get better.

I’m looking to connect with other entrepreneurs, teacherpreneurs, and other like-minded individuals trying something on the internet

  • Maybe you’re working on a side-gig.
  • Perhaps you’re trying to turn a side hustle into your main hustle.
  • You might just be trying to make ends meet in a crazy pandemic world.

Here’s a video explaining the challenge.

Here’s a sample 1×5 personal reflection. (Mine is too long. I wrote 1200 words, but really you only have to write 500 words for this 1×5 challenge.)

I will be posting more information shortly.

In the meanwhile, if you’re interested in participating, please email

By the way, normally the reward for successfully completing the SEOT Mindset 1×5 challenge is $5 USD (paid through the Fiverr platform.)

Right now, to kick off the challenge, there’s a x2 reward bonus. So, if you successfully complete the challenge on Fiverr, it will be a $10 USD reward.

Please note:

  • Fiverr takes a cut. I believe you only get 80% of the fee as a seller. (So, if the service is $10, Fiverr gets $2 and you get $8.)
  • Fiverr also charges me a service charge as the buyer. So I have to pay an extra $3.50 in addition to the $10. (So, if I pay $10 to a seller, I actually have to pay $13.50 because of the service fee.)
  • So, why do I use Fiverr? Because I like that they hold the payment in escrow until the gig is done properly. I’m happy to pay the service fee as a safety net to make sure the work is done as agreed upon!

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