I don’t want 44 articles. I want the $650 generated by those 44 articles…

It’s been a while since I made my SMART goal (Tue June 14, 2022)… Okay, it’s been two months. I wanted to do a weekly check-in, but life got busy and I wasn’t able to make this virtual handout format. But, I’m here now to review my process.

My SMART goal is to pay people on Fiverr to write 44 articles for me using this 1×5 challenge format by Thursday, September 22, 2022 (100 days.) Ultimately, I need to make $650 in 100 days because I bought a Remarkable writing tablet. They offer a 100-day refund period, and I told myself I can only keep the writing tablet if I can pay for it with money generated by assets.

I’d say on the SEOT scorecard, I’m probably a “three” for Strategy. So far on my journey to make $650, I’ve thought about how I could achieve my goal and tried a few things, but I’m not a “four” for Strategy because I didn’t think about the underlying problem that prompted my SMART goal.

Most people don’t really think about the constant little steps we need to make to reach our goals. We try for a bit, maybe even make a herculean attempt, but when it’s not a home run, we give up (or forget.)

I have been working on this project for about a month but had to put it on pause to work on another more pressing work project. I had to prioritize making major progress on my “Single PDF format” update for my top TpT selling products (Reading Resources and 6Cs Bundle) because they produce the greatest sales results for me.

To be honest, I forgot my SMART goal was to get 44 people to write a 1×5 SEOT Mindset challenge article. I think in my head, it morphed into getting 44 articles – both personal reflections and SEOT Stories – because that’s what I was asking writers on Fiverr to do for me.

My current workflow is to find people on Fiverr to write a 1×5 challenge personal reflection. If that goes well, I get them to try to write a SEOT stories format article for me. (Their writing has to be strong for me to go to the SEOT story format article because I know from a poor review that teachers expect perfect grammar.) The plan is to alternate back and forth between SEOT stories and personal reflections.

I think I need to take a step back and look at the big picture.

My “long-term” 100-day goal was to make $650 CAD before Thu Sep 22, 2022 (which is only 40 days away.) If each article leads to the sale of a SEOT goal-setting slideshow for students ($15), that will be $660 CAD.

Right now, I have around five articles. One is published but has no links to any sales products.

I don’t want 44 articles.

What I really want is 44 articles to generate sales.

So, I think my strategy right now should be 1) make sure the articles have a pathway to the products I’m trying to sell, 2) get noticed by teachers who appreciate the goal-setting process, and 3) try to automate the article writing process. (I’m the weakest link. If it’s sitting on my to-do list, it won’t.)

My brain is a little muddled trying to figure out which of those three I should do first. But, the beauty of doing work every day is that have to be perfect on any given day. I just have to constantly take steps towards my goal…

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