I will create a mixed work lifestyle so that I can spend more time with my family.

I am generally happy and satisfied with my current life. However, continuous personal growth is vital to me. 

I want to improve the balance between my work/financial responsibilities and my ability to be present for my family. I have a 3-year-old son and another baby due soon. I often cannot attend special programs and days at my son’s school because my work schedule does not allow it. Or I miss out on holiday celebrations because I am working. Working at a hospital that provides 24-hour care prevents me from being able to come and go from work as needed for appointments, celebrations, etc. Additionally, requesting time off must be done with significant notice. 

I love my job: working as a lactation consultant in the hospital. I get to support women in their breastfeeding journey after delivering their babies. It is a positive environment and so encouraging. However, the scheduling and inflexibility are leaving me feeling burnt out. I am looking for a way to continue the work I love while reducing the parts that leave me feeling like I want to quit.

Another goal I have had for many years is to write a novel. I have discovered the discipline required to produce high volumes of words each day in pursuit of my goal. Writing a book while working full-time at the hospital and caring for my family is challenging. I have found that sometimes I place too much pressure on my writing. I need to stop making it so precious and complete the work. Several months ago, I decided to start a freelance writing journey on a platform called Fiverr. This platform allows people to purchase my writing services. It will force me to produce high-quality content in a limited time. I believe this will help me be a faster and stronger writer and will eventually help me achieve my goal of writing a novel. Additionally, it will help support my family financially so I can slowly step away from so many hours at the hospital.

Over the past year, I began brainstorming a way to combine two passions (lactation consulting at the hospital and writing) into a varied career. Specifically, I want flexibility in my schedule, little to no decrease in overall pay from my current full-time job at the hospital, increased time spent with my family, and improved writing craft.

Using the SEOT mindset and 1×5 challenge, I have developed a specific and attainable goal.


“By July 2023, I will create a mixed work lifestyle that includes 24 hours/week working at the hospital and 12 hours/week freelance writing so that I can have more flexible work hours and spend more time with my family without financially impacting us.”

Kate W

It is exciting to have my goal laid out in such a clearly defined manner. This challenge has helped me break down the necessary steps to achieve the goal.

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